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Mr. Gerbil wishes to point out that he is the author, not Mr. Linden. Mr. Linden is the illustrator. Mr. Linden handles all of Mr. Gerbil’s affairs and any comments/inquiries should be directed to Mr. Linden. Mr. Gerbil has found that people interact more comfortably with a human. He is most grateful that Mr. Linden has willingly undertaken this additional task. Linden also represents other authors, working under "Noms de Plume," such as the notorious C.C. Pipe. Also, Mr. Gerbil wishes to point out that some may be misled by the title. This is the only work relating to this subject matter penned by Son of Gerbil. The words “the sequel” were added for comedic effect and “Hobizal Dome, the sequel” is a stand-alone oeuvre. As to Mr. Gerbil’s biography, he feels that his story is best told in the pages of this dystopian/paradigm shifting novel. Mr. Gerbil hopes that his book will help bring about societal shift, sorely needed in the present day. There is a brief biography included on the back cover, for those interested. If you find Mr. Gerbil’s attitude quirky, keep in mind, he’s a GERBIL! Thank you for your flexibility and understanding!

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Twenty-One, An Anthology of Erotica, by C. C. Pipe is a compilation of racy, highly-charged stories of a sexual nature. All stories are by C. C. Pipe, a contemporary author. Whether the erotic stories of C.C. Pipe are fiction or fact matters not to most r....
ISBN: 9781839455520
Published: 7 November 2020
Myron has it all. Rich parents, the mansion, the limousine, the "get out of jail free" card. And he's getting those teeth worked on too, sooo... Myron is the envy of Hobizal Dome. What could possibly lead to his ruin, and likely that of every citizen of H....
ISBN: 9781786102713
Published: 28 October 2015