A Doula's Journey

Review: ‘The fast-paced style blends the spiritual and the practical, drama and reflection, humour and pain. Prepare to laugh and cry and to learn something about yourself.’ -Jill Treseder. ‘This is not just a book for Doulas, it is a book for women.’ -Claire Arnold. ‘All students should read this book and learn from it and know they are not alone in their working experiences.’ -Demetria Clark. Book Description: The intertwining of the personal life along with the professional life of a Doula shows the frailties and strengths of being a woman as something to be shared and celebrated. Learning to understand and accept our inner landscape is an adventure, one that requires great strength and courage to be able to look into the less desirable shadows of ourselves and embrace it all. By doing so we can become whole beings capable of standing strong and true, able to hear the voice of our own intuition and be brave enough to listen.
ISBN: 9781782991212
Type: Paperback
Pages: 299
Published: 30 January 2013
Price: $16.11