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Hazel Tree is interested in exploring life and writing about it. Inspired by her own birthing experience she prepared as a Doula, a Holistic Birthing Assistant and Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. She feels blessed to share the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond with women from all walks of life. Hazel is also a great promoter of the importance of home in its many aspects: home birthing, home educating and home-based work. Hazel felt drawn to write A Doula’s Journey as a way to bring together the scientific and practical side of supporting childbirth as well as showing the emotional and intuitive journey that can happen. She is interested in childbirth as a human rights issue and from an anthropological perspective. She lives with her son in Devon, in a town they say is twinned with Narnia.

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Review: ‘The fast-paced style blends the spiritual and the practical, drama and reflection, humour and pain. Prepare to laugh and cry and to learn something about yourself.’ -Jill Treseder. ‘This is not just a book for Doulas, it is a book for women.’ -Cl....
ISBN: 9781782991212
Published: 30 January 2013