A Princely Lodging

In 1382, a grand stone palatial fortress was erected at Sheriff Hutton, north of York. Over the coming centuries it would grow to become one of the largest and most illustrious royal houses in the entire north of England. Its role throughout the turbulent Wars of the Roses was crucial and has been much overlooked, when it acted as administrative headquarters to the Council of the North and seat of northern governance under King Richard III. Under the Tudors, Sheriff Hutton continued to thrive. In 1525, King Henry VIII sent his illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy to be raised and educated there until he came of age, and a Royal Progress north during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I was intended to include Sheriff Hutton, when its captivating gardens rivalled those at Kenilworth. However, by the early 17th century, Sheriff Hutton was a ruin, a shadow of its former glory. Consequently, the history of the castle has been somewhat neglected compared to other northern fortresses. This book aims to retell the enchanting story of Sheriff Hutton Castle, throwing a new spotlight of this marginalised and fascinating fortress which deserves to remembered and celebrated for its place in English history.
ISBN: 9781839454783
Type: Paperback
Pages: 196
Published: 2 October 2020
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