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I am currently an undergraduate of English and Related Literature and History studying at the University of York. Having grown up in rural Yorkshire, I have always had a passion for local history and for acquiring knowledge about the area where I live. This was the source of inspiration for my debut book, 'A Princely Lodging' in which I retell the enchanting story of Sheriff Hutton Castle, a picturesque ruin close to my home, which has been much neglected from fields of historical study, yet played a crucial role in the Wars of the Roses. I hope to produce similar books in the future, utilising my passion for both writing and local history to highlight the need to preserve aspects of our heritage which are overlooked or forgotten. I am passionate about the late Middle-Ages and Early Modern period, and enjoy visiting many regional ruins and castles in my spare time. I am also an avid hiker and traveller, and I love to challenge myself.

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In 1382, a grand stone palatial fortress was erected at Sheriff Hutton, north of York. Over the coming centuries it would grow to become one of the largest and most illustrious royal houses in the entire north of England. Its role throughout the turbulent....
ISBN: 9781839454783
Published: 2 October 2020