A Treasure Lost

Nana Crashitt foolishly falls for the charms of the young man with the pretty face and the blue eyes whom she opens her front door to. Constanze her granddaughter has warned her about opening her door to strangers but Nana can’t help herself, she just has to see who’s there and he’s got such a lovely face. Not so his morose companion, but well, it can’t hurt to let them give her a valuation on her treasures can it? It can. It’s a mistake that costs her her life and Constanze vows to track down the killers and make them pay, but where to start? There is only one witness, young Jake Hetherington on his way home from school and he tells the police all that he knows. There isn’t a lot to go on, but a child with a crystal ball and Nana’s determined spirit will not be thwarted until justice has been served.
ISBN: 9781788760232
Type: Paperback
Pages: 142
Published: 4 October 2017
Price: $10.25

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