BOOK REVIEWS. As an atheist, I lived happily in Brian's World with a wife, 2.4 kids and an overdraft; until, with the help of minor surgery, God removed the remote control from my left hand and sent me to help the poor in Kenya. Was I scared? Do nuclear families glow in the dark? Do footballers' wives shop? Of course I was scared, but, the opportunity to be God's right hand man held a certain appeal. God showed me heaven and the devil showed me hell, stretching my belief systems to the limit. Christians said I was a tool being used by God. That was extremely harsh. I did my best. 'You're an atheist,' said the devil. 'Just deal with it.' This book deals with life's big questions: Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why do men have nipples? Where did Noah find two polar bears in Palestine, and why did God choose me? Was it because I am bold, colourful and charismatic, or did he miss his aim? I don't make predictions and I never will, but if you ask me, this could go either way. Africa, birthplace of humanity, here I come. Brian Humphreys, Author. I dare you to enter Brian's World, and if you do, be ready for the unexpected and take your sense of humour along. This is a real story, a true adventure - I laughed out loud in places but was also moved by his stories of faith and compassion in Africa. He is the evidence that God chooses nutcases. Brian tells it like it is, and he lifts my spirits. Please read this, enjoy it and let it affect you. You may end up wanting to go round the world, you may not. But you will, I am sure, hear the voice of God whispering to you. Dave Hopwood, Author of The Bloke's Bible
ISBN: 9781908481528
Type: Paperback
Pages: 182
Published: 1 November 2011
Price: $11.95

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