Accidental Gardener

A failed marriage behind her, a new home and a new career beckon Frankie - but fresh starts are not easy. Pitfalls and heartache can lie ahead. The future is tantalizing with the prospect of success and happiness - but which will it be? Philip is young, hopeful and talented. His dreams appear to be coming true. A family and a successful acting career - he seems to have it all. However, is everything as it seems. Cracks appear all too soon and his marriage turns sour. The efforts of these two people to turn their lives around bring them into contact where scheming, intrigue, passion and jealousy all play a part on the rocky road to happiness - but perhaps not for all.
ISBN: 9781784077815
Type: Paperback
Pages: 224
Published: 10 June 2014
Price: $12.65

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