Baggypants of Methersham

This is the tale about the animals and birds living along a rough farm track in East Sussex. The lead character 'Baggypants' is an old Badger and several of his adventures/exploits are told within the book which covers one year, season by season. Other major parts are played by 'Stubbytail' the Fox, 'Barvent' the Wild Boar and 'Funangler' the Otter. Each chapter tells of a seasonal happening in the life of one of the above but there are many other players such as the Pheasant, Deer, Barn Owl and the overseas visitor 'Korvaarnetteson' the Swan. Each season is described along with its effects on the animals and birds, their food supply, their shelter, their very fight for survival. The rough farm track exists as does the hamlet of Methersham. All the animals and birds have been seen along or near to the rough farm track and all the tales/adventures could have happened.
ISBN: 9781784079628
Type: Paperback
Pages: 109
Published: 12 August 2014
Price: $10.25

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