All Laced Up

Hannah, Sarah and Emily, are three women born in turbulent times; with charismatic William - the catalyst that links them together, they individually prove their strength and independence. The story takes place in Co. Durham and northern Scotland during the last few years of the reign of Queen Victoria and until the end of WW1. Hannah’s perseverance and refusal to yield to her circumstances - fights back with exceptional toughness. Emily, with her excessive sexual desires, although rejected by her parents’ and the narrow minded villagers, uses her charms for self preservation mainly for her beloved daughter Sarah. Eventually her affair with a royal prince alters her situation and she uses her prowess for the good of mankind. Emily - a character to enjoy. Sarah, the illegitimate daughter of Emily has problems understanding her identity. But her mother has plans for her and she succumbs to her although a much easier way was an option. A stirring saga of passion, class conflict and intrigue written about women who refuse to be victims of the times. This is a novel written by Mary Grant, Saltburn by the sea, North Yorkshire, for readers who love a good historical saga.
ISBN: 9781781766811
Type: Paperback
Pages: 310
Published: 25 August 2012
Price: $12.95