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Born in Bishop Auckland, co Durham and now living in Saltburn by the sea. I have always wrote short stories and articles.Many have been published. I studied family history and the outline for this novel percolated in my mind. I'm now 76 years. I left school at 15. I've always been in retail - and had my own business.I have attended courses at Leeds University and Durham University. Will I be writing a sequel to All Laced Up? Yes. I am an avid reader, love travelling, walking and meeting new people. I'd say a happy young woman with an ancient history and a good memory. My qualifications are two O level English taken when I was 41.

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Hannah, Sarah and Emily, are three women born in turbulent times; with charismatic William - the catalyst that links them together, they individually prove their strength and independence. The story takes place in Co. Durham and northern Scotland during t....
ISBN: 9781781766811
Published: 25 August 2012