Animal Forum & Declaration of Third World War

This story relates to the awakening of the animals and human beings those who live in animal-like conditions. Political leadership of important countries has perfected a new philosophy of living on edge that makes the common man apprehensive about one’s day to day survival. A united front emerges consisting of animals, birds and those human beings who live in animal-like conditions to challenge the atrocities and cruelties on them. When they are awakened their power is awesome. In one brisk operation, the rodents and scorpions have rendered the nuclear arsenal unusable. The humankind has been struggling to find a solution to the nuclear disarmament issue since 1950s and Sir Winston Churchill expressed desperation to save the world and he said, “It is better to have the world united than the world divided. But it is better to have the world divided, than the world destroyed.” The world is again facing the prospect of mass annihilation and destruction with the challenge of the Animal Forum. Will the leadership of humankind brace up to face this challenge? How and when? Time is running out for humankind.
ISBN: 9781781760215
Type: Paperback
Pages: 129
Published: 24 February 2012
Price: $10.25

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