The Colourful Butterfly & the Aggressive Missile

The missile roars again, “O! Tiny colorful! I ravel in the land of annihilation. To combust all that comes in my range is my Real Nature. My salvation is in burning others and gets burnt in the process. I immensely enjoy my heroics. This being the reality of my enormous power, I ask you again, how dare you sit and relax on my nose, folding your wings?” “O! I see,” says the innocent colorful butterfly. “Wonderful! Great! You live, waiting for the moment of total destruction, alas! As for me, for the sake of a few drops of sweet honey full of divine aroma, I visit and crave friendship with thousands of flowers of many hues and colors. I have no idea what enmity is and issues like vengeance! To love all and to be loved by all is the mission of my life. Here I take off and go…Let me fly into the heavenly land of my freedom. None need to command me. To enjoy the beauty and grace of freedom and affection of one and all is the mission of my life!” The colorful butterfly flies and disappears into the green blanket of Nature.
ISBN: 9781781763223
Type: Paperback
Pages: 205
Published: 10 May 2012
Price: $12.65

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