Are you a City in Disguise?

A future Oligarchical elite striving for immortality...In linked formation Sue and Max Milford, arm to arms, stepped onto the long crowded travelator straighter than a Roman road – it would bring them to the gates of a mighty Coliseum! In double quick time they passed legions of commuters, soldiering elsewhere on foot, and in command, this Century beamed in pride, but alas the gleam of reflected morning glory, did not bounce off an ancient shield – instead a modern edifice of gargantuan proportion... You lose your job – you lose your mum – your team loses again, and then to make it worse you lose your life! For most of us that would be it – but not for Gary May, he had to win at something? ‘A Fan of his own Decade!’ but he finds himself in another... Has his hell been turned into heaven? He appears ten years younger, thinks like a teenager, and looks at wall to wall babes, and his team can’t stop winning! It’s not football anymore, it’s more important even than life or death. It’s Global Forever now, leading the new techno-revolution – but who is it for?
ISBN: 9781781760505
Type: Paperback
Pages: 458
Published: 24 February 2012
Price: $14.45