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Michael Papoui Graduated from Chelsea School of Art London, spent 2 years in America designing sets for Kiss, Aerosmith and the Sufi as well as performimg his poetry 'off off Broadway'. He became 'in-house' Youth Theatre Director at Theatro Technis and had his own production company performing in London Fringe. He has gone on to run successful businesses. This is his first Novel and he is currently working on his next. His work is serious but entertaining and perhaps a bit different. Contact Michael Papoui:

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A future Oligarchical elite striving for immortality...In linked formation Sue and Max Milford, arm to arms, stepped onto the long crowded travelator straighter than a Roman road – it would bring them to the gates of a mighty Coliseum! In double quick tim....
ISBN: 9781781760505
Published: 24 February 2012