Bear Mountain and The Asian Connection

Bear Mountain Bob and Jenny Ashton run a small farm at the foot of Bear Mountain in California. They are under pressure to sell from the local lumber mill, who want access to the timber on the mountain. The owner of the mill uses devious tactics to drive them off their land, but when one of the ranchers is burnt to death in a fire which was only meant to scare him, things get out of hand. When two hired guns push Bob, he has to start wearing his father’s gun to defend himself. The Asian Connection When Steve goes to a sleepy little village in Herefordshire to visit an old friend, he doesn’t expect to get mixed up in a missing person’s mystery which could cost him his life and the lives of his friends.
ISBN: 9781908895622
Type: Paperback
Pages: 157
Published: 27 January 2012
Price: $11.95

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