Beyond The Shadows

Chloe is the third of six children to a priest and his wife living in a suburban area. A family at the heart of the community they live to the expectations others have of them, being there to serve others and care for the needs of those within the community. At the age of eight Chloe’s father commences his crusade of sexual abuse of her and now exerts authority and control over her for the next two decades, continuing his abuse in some form or another. Having been heard and believed by a trusted few, Chloe builds strength and resilience enough to officially report her childhood experiences. Chloe now faced the uphill struggle of attempting to repair relationships within her family whilst still very much needing to work through her past experiences and trauma on a personal level. Over the years Chloe begins to find her niche in life and establishes enjoyment and longed-for pleasurable activities. Not without loss or sadness, Chloe now looks forwards to a life free from control, abuse and domination and shares her story in an attempt to demonstrate the powerful human capabilities of survival, growth and total and utter strength of character.
ISBN: 9781786100016
Type: Paperback
Pages: 260
Published: 29 July 2015
Price: $14.00