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With no formal training or skills in writing, I set about writing my autobiography - this was a culmination of my early experiences as well as the formal and therapeutic processes I had been through as a result. The experience for me was wholly cathartic and gave me an opportunity to speak freely as I had never done before. I did hours (days even) of research on writing and subsequently attempting to publish my book and of course spent hours glued to my laptop - writing sporadically as I found time, opportunity and the necessary mindset - allowing words to pour out of me as they came, thus at the same time emptying my heart and mind of so much that had remained hidden for so long. The process for me then involved reading, re-reading, amending, deleting, swapping, changing...all of which took time, energy - and of course emotion. I hope that those of you who choose to buy my book will read it with an open mind, walk with me through my journey but leave the experience with new belief in the human power of survival.

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Chloe is the third of six children to a priest and his wife living in a suburban area. A family at the heart of the community they live to the expectations others have of them, being there to serve others and care for the needs of those within the communi....
ISBN: 9781786100016
Published: 29 July 2015