In a world where men are men, women are usually strumpets and legs are very often made of mahogany, one man stands above them all - Captain Sir Jack Blackheart! When a mysterious treasure map falls into his hands Sir Jack discovers it contains a seemingly impenetrable code (instead of the usual big X) and so, accompanied by his trusty goat, he must voyage to the farthest flung reaches of the Caribbean to seek the solution, all the while pursued by his deadly rival - the villainous Captain Ugly Mug McBall. Then what? Well, there's also some sword fighting, some drinking, lots of dead Frenchmen, a little romance - but not too much mind, the Wild Warrior Women of Wango and also there's a good bit with this Irish fella who ......Oh just read the bloody book.
ISBN: 9781839452567
Type: Paperback
Pages: 240
Published: 2 April 2020
Price: $12.65

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