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About the Author Dylan di Vilde began his writing career as a small boy as an indentured scrivener to the firm of Scratchit, Weasel, Withertail and Clench - Usurers to the Gullible. It was a miserable and unrewarding indentureship so at the age of 18 he audaciously made off with the company’s entire stock of gold bullion, some small items from the stationery cupboard and the 17 year old daughter of senior partner Ignatious Scratchit, the beautiful and wayward but ultimately fickle and faithless Vulvania. But that’s another story. These days, apart from going about his daily business in a Sedan chair, he lives and works much as you ordinary people do.

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This is the third volume of poems published by Dylan di Vilde. The first one – Cursory Rhymes was published in 2013 to great acclaim:‘Oooh that’s nice. Did you write all these yourself?’ said one person he showed it to and ’How much is it?’ – said another....
ISBN: 9781786979018
Published: 14 July 2017