Blood Relatives

'Sometimes it takes life experiences in order for us to understand what is our true place in the world.' It is 1943, and World War Two rages throughout Europe. In Italy, a young American Victoria Sullivan, has adopted her dual Italian nationality in order to survive the German occupation. As the Allied armies advance towards Rome, she becomes involved in assisting her step-brother James and his handsome friend Guy to invade the German Northern HQ with disastrous results. As she hides out in the mountains above Rome, Victoria is unsure where she really belongs, and where her true allegiance lies. Is it here? Her Italian blood relatives certainly think so, but when the chance comes her heart draws her back to New York,and her beloved adoptive parents. Does the blood that courses through our veins decide who we are? Or are the bonds of parental love and upbringing more influential? Is there a moral truth to be found in this dilemma? These questions are at the heart of this tale of Victoria's journey to maturity, and Helen Spring weaves an irresistible mix of wartime adventure and social history with integrity and tenderness.
ISBN: 9781782995876
Type: Paperback
Pages: 238
Published: 1 October 2013
Price: $12.89

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