Bony Willy the Naked Viking

Male Stripper William Fluck is good at his job there are those who say he is the best in the business. His life goes pear-shaped when he accepts a booking to perform at Stanton Hospital. Even though the porter had warned him not to touch any of the high-tech experimental X-ray equipment he foolishly enters one of the units to change into his stage clothes. the results of his stupidity become transparently clear, when he changes into a walking, talking, glowing skeleton. To escape from the hospital, Willy is forced to steal a hearse with a corpse in the back. With no way of knowing how long the effects of the X-rays will last he seeks refuge in an old mill where he is befriended by three drunken tramps. full of cheap wine and compassion they decide to bury him in the local cemetery. Leaving two of his newfound friends lying at the bottom of the grave they had intended for him. Willy decides to go home to his wife. To his relief, his flesh returns before he gets there. Willy's problems however are far from over, his misadventures have only just begun.
ISBN: 9781803025513
Type: Paperback
Pages: 312
Published: 24 June 2022
Price: $12.95

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