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The year is 1840, a time where the Balkans are under Ottoman rule, where Christian citizens are cruelly subjugated by their tyrannical overlords. It is also the time when the seeds of revolution and perceived injustice will be sown. In Dobrć, a Serbian enclave in the Eyalet of Bosnia, life under Ottoman rule has never been easy. The town’s idyllic setting in a valley of rolling hills with rich fertile soil close to the blue-green waters of the Neretva River, made it a prime site for the Ottomans to site their garrison. Djordje’s father, Aleksandar, as leader of the council tried to be a guiding influence on the Pasha and curb some of his excesses but his efforts were futile. The Pasha took great delight in bringing as much misery to the people of Dobrć as he could. As a young child Aleksandar had witnessed the construction of Ćele-kula [Skull Tower] in Niš as a consequence of rebellion and now sensed it in the air once more. He feared for everyone’s safety and now the Pasha has demanded an announcement of Djordje’s betrothal to Katarina. As far as Djordje is concerned the tyrannical Pasha has gone too far. Nothing would make him happier than to marry his beloved Katarina, but while there is breath in his body he will not allow her to submit to the Pasha’s vile demands of “First Night”. His plans for revolt to be rid of the Pasha lead to tragic consequences. Djordje, Katarina and his band of followers flee across the mountains knowing there is little hope of ever seeing their families again. They hide their identity and make a new life for themselves but they are wanted men. The search for them is led by the Pasha’s right-hand man, Žaba. As much as Djordje wants to head for the relative safety of Serbia, circumstances will not allow it. With news that Žaba is still looking for them; it is down to Djordje’s son, Panta, to lead his family across the mountains to Serbia discovering more about his heritage, travelling across lands once belonging to the Old Kingdom.
ISBN: 9781839451621
Type: Paperback
Pages: 466
Published: 13 January 2020
Price: $14.45

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