Brink of the Blue

Retired couple, Meg and Clyde Pilley, decide to invite Clyde’s recently widowed brother, Mick, on an ocean cruise. It would be relaxing… But things start to go wrong. First of all, Mick becomes involved with Josie. Meg recognises her as a con artist who, along with her “brother”, is planning to rip them off financially. But Mick thinks he’s in love again. Then Clyde meets Jim Morrison who says he’s a journalist. His behaviour doesn’t jell, and Clyde wonders if he can be trusted. Something more dreadful happens… Meg meets two young women who are in deep trouble, and Meg and Clyde try to help them. The Pilleys think they have encountered the worst of their problems when psychic Meg senses their cabin has been broken into – not once, but twice. Why are they being watched? Are Meg and Clyde’s lives in danger? Can they depend on the ship security? More importantly – who is Jim Morrison?
ISBN: 9781786972064
Type: Paperback
Pages: 248
Published: 4 August 2016
Price: $12.65

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