Dark Visions

Death, drug dealers and deception… Retired couple, Meg and Clyde Pilley, enjoy a quiet life in a their suburban Sydney home. Or do they? After a friend asks for help with a philandering husband, card reader Meg solicits Clyde as an amateur private eye. While following the errant husband Clyde is devastated to discover some unpleasant truths about his brother, and he determines to rescue him. To make matters worse, police are watching drug dealers who move next door. Then Meg's psychic powers escalate, and she visualises a gory pool of blood. She knows someone will be killed, but can't work out who it is. Will it be someone she knows? And who is the murderer? Before Meg and Clyde can feel safe there are many questions to be answered. They decide they need to become involved, and Meg digs deeper into the spirit world for answers. Who is the kingpin drug lord? How is Clyde's brother involved? Who can they trust?
ISBN: 9781784078065
Type: Paperback
Pages: 261
Published: 23 June 2014
Price: $13.89

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