CHOUAN: For God and King

SET AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION: A TALE OF LOYALTY AND TREACHERY, COURAGE AND COWARDICE, AMBITION AND INTRIGUE, SIMMERING HATREDS AND AN ENDURING LOVE ... John Anthony Russell resigns his Royal Navy captaincy to manage the family wine business in Edinburgh and Bordeaux. After the fall of the Bastille and with war against France now inevitable, Prime Minister William Pitt and spymaster Sir William Windham persuade a reluctant Russell to travel to Brest and report back on the current strength and disposition of the French fleet. Russell accomplishes this first mission so successfully that Windham cynically blackmails him into continuing as an undercover British agent in France..... Drawing on Russell's own journal, CHOUAN: FOR GOD AND KING documents his subsequent exposure and reaction to key events and personalities of the French Revolution. Above all, it tracks his close personal involvement in the royalist counter-revolution and the spontaneous grass-roots 'chouan' (guerilla) insurrection in La Vendée and Brittany that culminated in what would prove to be the single most horrifying chapter of genocide and ethnic cleansing in French history..... "A historical fiction masterclass - impeccably researched, elegantly written and brimming with authentic period detail" - AUTHONOMY
ISBN: 9781908603159
Type: Paperback
Pages: 416
Published: 8 December 2011
Price: $14.45

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