Chickens Don't Eat Olives

‘I can’t say that you lied to me. But from now I can’t believe anything that you say.’ Friedrich Nietzsche. Everyone knows that before Columbus got lost and bumped into America, the Americas didn’t exist. Not only that, nobody lived there. Who decides what is true about the world, either from the past or today? How do we know truth from fiction? This is a book of tales from Italy and beyond. The writer of these tales living in the Green Heart of Italy – Umbria. The nation called Italia only invented in 1861, before that date there was no Italia, there were no Italians, both just suddenly appeared. The long-legged peninsula held together with pasta. Scribbled on the pages are thousands of words, some, when combined together, telling of truths, others a mixture of falsehoods and fantasy. Some will hopefully bring laughter, others may bring tears, a few leaving you questioning, perhaps a small number bringing new knowledge. Would it be too grand to say that you may even find something captivating or even inspirational? It’s a book you can dive into, then swimming from the very first page through to the other end. Alternatively, you can simply splash around, taking each tale in no particular order. The choice is entirely yours. As you read, remember this: apart from those that don’t, the words captured on each page tell of the truth.
ISBN: 9781835971864
Type: Paperback
Pages: 290
Published: 10 June 2024
Price: $12.95

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