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As a working-class lad from South Yorkshire, England, how could I ever have imagined that one day I would own a house in Italy? I knew the distinctive shape of Italy from primary school, a rhyme became etched into my brain: Big boot Italy kicked poor Sicily right into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy was a distant place, the land where the Romans came from. My childhood of black and white television presented images of the Colosseum in Rome, with police car chases and strange sounding sirens. Then, in colour, the film Ben-Hur, its climax being the chariot race and the blood covered body of the hero’s enemy. The spaghetti harvest hoax, at the time believed by many in the UK. From Roman Holiday to the Italian Job, Italy was an adventure. A land of pleasure, sunshine, song, blue sea and romance. Not forgetting the darker, mysterious face of Italy – the Mafia. And now I have a house in this Mediterranean country. Me, a house in Italy. A house purchased with nothing more than phrasebook Italian. The more time you spend in Italy, the more it becomes a passionate love affair. It’s enticing, a gorgeously complex creature that won’t let you walk away. At times it frustrates you, even infuriates you, yet you still want more. This is Italy – ITALIA! After a professional life in education, I now live as a Brexit refugee in the stunningly beautiful Green Heart of Italy - Umbria.

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After having a house as a holiday escape for many years, Graham eventually moved from his native Yorkshire, England, to Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, in 2015. He knew, with absolute certainty, that he had fallen in love with this boot shaped country. ....
ISBN: 9781803022260
Published: 22 February 2024
On his very first holiday to Italy, other than a day trip to Venice from the former Yugoslavia, Graham comes back to the UK with more than just any ordinary souvenir; he returns having bought a house. With nothing more than phrase book Italian, excited an....
ISBN: 9781839457944
Published: 11 May 2023