A semi-biographical saga set in Victorian Scotland. In the first part of this trilogy, we meet the Mill owner, Alexander Hamilton, his family and workforce. In early Victorian Scotland, three friends who work under dangerous conditions at the Closeburn grain mills have untimely incidents, which change the course of their lives. Seth, Arthur, and Louis live with their families in cramped conditions in the tiny run-down cottages in Closeburn close. When Seth Bartholomew a political up-start upsets his employer, Lord Hamilton, he finds himself out of work and without a home. His wife Lily and their children are forced to find alternative accommodation. Arthur Donaldson meets with an accident at the Mill that will change the families’ lives forever. Louis Murdoch is promoted to overseer making his wife Molly proud of him, but with the advancement, comes a price to pay. Lady Hamilton and Lady Docking Lord Hamilton’s cousin are heavily involved with work for the poor. They both employ two unlikely women to help with their important duties. An intriguing family saga with many twists and turns throughout
ISBN: 9781786101167
Type: Paperback
Pages: 227
Published: 5 September 2015
Price: $12.65

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