LAURBURN ----- Part three of The Mill Owners Trilogy; a semi-biographical saga set in Victorian/Edwardian Scotland. The final part of this trilogy unfolds the destinies of the families, with some unforeseen happenings hidden within the pages of this absorbing family saga. We move forward to 1901... When invalided Rosanna Keating reveals her desire to become a nurse; Clara her mother is reluctant, but Tom Harrison, who is besotted with Rosanna encourages her to follow her dreams. William Patterson becomes too tired to work and suffers the consequences. Janet is concerned about the behaviour of their son David, but when he meets a French debutante, Janet hopes she will have a calming influence on him. Joey and Rosie Donaldson escape the possibility of being evicted, when they unexpectedly inherit another property. Suffering another breakdown, Kaitlin Bartholomew is forced to consult the doctor; Seth does not know which way to turn. As War breaks out in Europe, most of the able bodied men, join up to fight for King and Country. Some never return home; others are left badly injured. Many broken hearted women are forced to cope alone.
ISBN: 9781786977489
Type: Paperback
Pages: 204
Published: 31 March 2017
Price: $12.65

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