Dice of Life

Dice of Life is a coming of age novel set in seventies South Africa, the story revolves around a group of apprentices, and deals with the complexity of a racist society. The book examines apartheid South Africa, through the eyes of protagonist Harry Cheals, counterpointing his concerns against the easy attitude of friends. They are the privileged white elite who enjoy life to its fullest, but Harry senses the dice of life will roll a payback, and he attempts to warn his carefree friends. But Warthog and Wilfred are oblivious to the ills that ail South Africa, both concentrate exclusively on their individual needs, Harry Cheals is friendly with them but also scornfully dismissive. He is aware of the worldwide revulsion for apartheid, but is convinced nothing can be done so he grows a cynical shell, which hardens after his betrayal by beautiful Liza. This drives heartbroken Harry to drunkenness, until he meets a wise Afrikaner Seer, who teaches that life is not a throw of dice but a chosen course. The Seer also predicts the coming of a liberal system, even more repressive than apartheid, this motivates Harry Cheals to reform his life and attempt to prevent this happening.
ISBN: 9781786100115
Type: Paperback
Pages: 262
Published: 6 August 2015
Price: $15.57

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