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Patrick John Stevens was born in Johannesburg in the same month Steve Bantu Biko was born, December 1946 was coincidently also the month that Alan Paton completed his great novel Cry, the Beloved Country, so some characters in the early Pat Stevens novels derive from both sources. These four books in The Greatest Game series, describe the events leading to the 1994 South African transition to democracy, detailing the scepticism of the press that almost derailed the process. Unfortunately these purveyors of doubt are still around today, a fifth novel titled Hero of the Struggle is set against the rise to power of Jacob Zuma, it describes the complicity of the press in his persecution and the long struggle to effect the dropping of charges. A sixth semi-autobiographical childhood book titled White Bird Under the Sun is also available, as is an anthology of short pieces titled Parables and Poems, while the keenly awaited Zulu Vampire has now being posted.

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Dice of Life is a coming of age novel set in seventies South Africa, the story revolves around a group of apprentices, and deals with the complexity of a racist society. The book examines apartheid South Africa, through the eyes of protagonist Harry Cheal....
ISBN: 9781786100115
Published: 6 August 2015
The Greatest Game is a 950 page blockbuster novel, counterpointing the lives of four main characters against a background of four decades, in a transforming South Africa moving toward 1994 democratic elections. The novel has been divided into two volumes ....
ISBN: 9781786108289
Published: 18 March 2016
In this charming story of an idyllic African boyhood, the author takes you on a journey through Africa that will warm your heart, as you share the joy and travails of childhood. Although based on the authors own upbringing, the book is not pitched as an a....
ISBN: 9781785102318
Published: 31 October 2014