Dig Deeper

For Emily Cross, life is perfect. She has a good job, beautiful home, fast car, a wonderful best friend and she is in love with the perfect man who plans to move in with her. Only when she is passed over for a promotion at work do things start to come off the rails. She finds herself sitting with a therapist once a week to try and curb her anger and keep her existing job, only to find out that maybe her life isn’t as perfect as she first thought. She still mourns for her deceased father, her relationship with her mum and step-father is only just about civil and her perfect man comes with a lot of baggage! As she dares to dig deeper below the surface perfection of her life, she is confronted with some hard decisions and life changing revelations. The perfection is lost. But how deep will Emily have to dig, and how much is she willing to change, for her to feel happy with her life once more?
ISBN: 9781782993575
Type: Paperback
Pages: 230
Published: 26 April 2013
Price: $12.65

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