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Sonia Loren was born and lives in London, England. She is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and fused her love for her work and her love for writing in her debut fictional novel ‘Dig Deeper’. Within her counselling work Sonia Loren has a particular interest in relationship dynamics and this is reflected in her fictional writing. She recalls one of the happiest days of her childhood being when she reached the age that she could increase the number of books she was allowed to take out of the library to read. Her love for reading lead to a love for writing and she started writing creatively at age 11 and, as well as her published work, has written a number of unpublished short stories and poems.

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For Emily Cross, life is perfect. She has a good job, beautiful home, fast car, a wonderful best friend and she is in love with the perfect man who plans to move in with her.Only when she is passed over for a promotion at work do things start to come off ....
ISBN: 9781782993575
Published: 26 April 2013
Normally cheery and sweet (if not a little bit reserved) Valerie Barrett hits an all time low when the year long love of her life, Dorel Murray, ends their relationship by email. A visit to her doctor provides her with a way to escape her ever plummeting ....
ISBN: 9781782996750
Published: 9 July 2013