PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE… “Even inside, cons joke and are friendly. But year by year, Dillinger just got quieter and madder. I used to sweat every time he looked at me. He always had this expression on his face, his mouth twisted on the left side, like he was under pressure every minute. Some guys try to look tough, then they forget and it’s gone. But he had that look all the time. I tell you, I knew as soon as they let this guy out, someone was gonna walk away from his hat.” Chicago, 1934. Public Enemy John Dillinger bluffs his way out of a supposedly escape-proof penitentiary with a hand-carved wooden pistol. Teaming with underworld legend Baby Face Nelson, his re-ignites his career with a Tommy gun-wielding bank raid, the beginning of a bullet-spattered criminal rampage that projects him onto the front pages of the nation’s newspapers – and into a deadly duel with glory-hunting federal agent Melvin Purvis, a clash of egos which only one man can survive to dominate the headlines of Depression-era America.
ISBN: 9781784074319
Type: Paperback
Pages: 514
Published: 27 February 2014
Price: $14.95

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