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As with the majority of writers, the most interesting events in my life take place on paper. In my everyday existence, I am currently single and working a white collar job in NE England while hoping for that elusive publishing break. Not that this makes a great deal of difference to my writing. My books aren't, in the strictest sense of the word, autobiographical. Straight transposition of personal experience doesn't work for me - the writing didn't take flight until I started concentrating on characters or subjects that interested me, rather than dwelling on my own experience. In another sense, however, everything a writer produces is an expression of his character and is therefore autobiographical. All my main characters embody aspects of my personality or life experience, although this transference was largely an unconscious process, at least at first. The fact that my protagonists include a large proportion of gangsters, sociopaths and sex workers probably says more about my inner life than I'd care to admit in polite society. As for my literary tastes, I went through contrasting SF and kitchen-sink phases in my teens (Orwell's probably the only writer to span both genres), before developing a heavy Beat habit in my early-twenties - I'm proud to say that I discovered Bukowski when he was still being sold in cheap paperback editions as a pornographer rather than being published as the hipster icon he is today. I also underwent my 'meaning of life' trip at this point, struggling through everything from Camus and Sartre to William Blake, with a few diverting sidetrips into everything from Zen to Surrealism, a journey into youthful pretension that still makes me cringe at the memory. Nowadays, I veer between being a middle-aged curmudgeon (my life shows increasing parallels to Philip Larkin's, which rather disturbs me) and an overgrown schoolboy, re-reading Kipling, Stevenson and Jack London, alongside early Len Deighton and Ian Fleming: there's always been an inner tension between the prissy adult intellectual and the 15-year old fanboy, the adolescent goof who enjoys ghosts and gangsters and cowboys and space monsters, preferably all within the same narrative. I also appreciate good short stories - Saki, Hemingway, Maugham, M.R. James - and have always been a big fan of the U.S. hardboiled school, from Dashiell Hammett to George Pelecanos. Speaking of Pelecanos, you may have realised that he's the only living novelist I've so far mentioned (is Len Deighton still with us?). Unfortunately, I've reached that age where all the then-contemporary writers I grew up reading have died, from Dick and Ballard on the one hand to Amis Sr. and George MacDonald Fraser on the other - even Iain Banks has dropped off the twig. The only current writer I keep abreast of is William Gibson, alas. But enough about me. Check out the books. Because that's what you're here for, right?

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BORN TO KILL… Baghdad, 2004. From landmines to sniper-fire to suicide-bombers, nothing has prepared 19-year old Donnie Prentice for the trauma of boots on the ground in Iraq. From his baptism of fire in Nasiriyah’s ‘Ambush Alley’ to the horrors of hand-to....
ISBN: 9781784074609
Published: 5 March 2014
The scandal that set the Sixties swinging… When Secretary of State for War John Profumo met night-club ‘hostess’ Christine Keeler, little did they know that their love affair would bring down a government. With a caste featuring high-class call-girls and ....
ISBN: 9781784072995
Published: 2 April 2014
PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE… “Even inside, cons joke and are friendly. But year by year, Dillinger just got quieter and madder. I used to sweat every time he looked at me. He always had this expression on his face, his mouth twisted on the left side, like he ....
ISBN: 9781784074319
Published: 27 February 2014
AMERICAN PSYCHO...Los Angeles, 1969. The slaughter of film star Sharon Tate and her friends by Charles Manson and his female disciples brought the Age of Aquarius to a bloody, if well-deserved, end. But what inspired the acid-crazed former jailbird and hi....
ISBN: 9781784075774
Published: 4 April 2014
“Those of Ewan’s men who possessed firelocks discharged them as they closed with the infantry, the distance scant enough that the wads of their charges flew amongst the ruddy-coated ranks, and then the Highlanders were upon them. There was a roar as the c....
ISBN: 9781784077952
Published: 17 June 2014
LIVING THE DREAM… A sly, sexy and scandalously satirical expose of the celebrity circus. She has been called a slut and a whore. A freak addicted to plastic surgery and self-mutilation. An attention-seeker, obsessed by fame. A gold-digger, a heartbreaker ....
ISBN: 9781784071707
Published: 26 November 2013