Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

This book is based on a true history of one family's escape from Singapore two weeks before the surrender to the Japanese. Grace escapes with her 13 month son Peter in her arms on a filthy troop ship. Under attack from bombers she flees with 1000 women and 400 children to South Africa. On her return to post war England she seeks news of Ken. News that told of the Japanese POW camps, where brutality and starvation were the order of the day, but no information ever emerged for her to find closure. She brings up Peter in post war England to become a doctor. Though bound together by a deep love their independence keeps them apart but after Grace dies Peter both understands her strength and is shocked at his behaviour to her. He sets out to discover the truth, the Where and the When. Most of this story is based on fact. The historical figure existed but their words and actions are the authors.
ISBN: 9781782993711
Type: Paperback
Pages: 367
Published: 18 April 2014
Price: $14.50