EVERYTHING IS NOTHING How much do you thirst for life? IF, at the point of death, an offer of another 24 hours of life was offered to you, on condition that, every moment of your life lived to that point, would be erased. All your accumulated knowledge, memories of times with family & friends, every achievement, every skill, all work, wealth, and each past love? Would you accept? If you would, then what are you doing for the next 24 hours? This is a mystery story, with clues scattered like breadcrumbs along its trail. It reads like an absurd comedy where nonsense holds sway. In many ways, Peevish and Browning are friends, who are sitting in a gallery viewing a painting when the one-legged Brownly seemingly suffers a bout of incontinence and the resulting pool seeps across into Peevish’s trousers. Over this, the two men fall out! And subsequently, set off in different directions, to make their own way home. Humour is the true blood that courses the body of this tale of an absurd reality. A pause in space and time sees the two men trapped between the perceived doors of life and death. A place where the memories of existence flood into the mind just before it’s moment of departure, all jambled and jumbled together inside a jungle of upside downing realities. These are the memories and events that span our meagre lives. So confusing and perplexing that even death seems less than permanent!
ISBN: 9781786977700
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 138
Published: 19 April 2017
Price: $16.75

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