Elisia, Tundra, Useo, Aquila & Tortuga

The wolves of Daneland are threatened by the ‘uprights’, who are destroying their ancient forest land. Fires pollute the forest air, wolf and bear cubs are trapped and killed, and no creature is safe. This is the story of how the Wolfdanes try to survive and undertake a dangerous migration to a new land to live with their ancestral wolf brethren. Will they be united just as they were in the beginning of evolution? The safety of all depends on the friendship and cooperation of wolves, bears and eagles. Will the wisdom of the wolves, the strength of the bears and the vision and understanding of the eagles be enough to overcome a journey of many dangers? What happens to the forest that the Wolfdanes left? Will the great migration to Wolfland be successful and what happens to the uprights once they have destroyed the ancient forest? Will they live to destroy again or will the Earth prevent their destructive force?
ISBN: 9781835970676
Type: Paperback
Pages: 154
Published: 31 March 2024
Price: $11.95

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