Fecundity, Fidelity, Freedom

Fecundity, Fidelity, Freedom A story of sexual entrancement and power. Claire's beauty brought emotional power and many followers, who were sexually entranced by her, but her innate fecundity acknowledged the need for monogamy at least for a limited time. When freed from the moral shackles imposed by marriage, she constructed a transactional philosophy that harnessed her attraction as a means of exchange for financial and practical favours and promises of sexual encounters. Without the moral boundary of childrearing, Claire’s forced fidelity was abandoned as a barrier to her real desires. Follow Claire's new path through the good life she creates, with the currency of attraction, flirtation and sexual promise. Consider whether the meeting of existential needs by emotional and sexual power leads to a dilemma of moral ambiguity and dishonesty or freedom.
ISBN: 9781803028606
Type: Paperback
Pages: 138
Published: 12 July 2023
Price: $10.25

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