Ethereal Witnesses

Karen Wilson, a famous spiritualist medium is accused of cheating. Items allegedly found in her cabinet during a séance, provoked a leading psychic newspaper to sue her under the Fraudulent Medium Act. Sceptic, Robert Stone, uses his website to denounce Karen as a fraud. Stating that anyone who attends séances and is deceived by trickery is a moron. That statement infuriated Paul Lovatt, a highly respected lawyer, who witnessed his wife’s grandfather materialise at a Karen Wilson séance. He declared. "Spirits have a voice; they should be allowed to use it regardless of a death certificate." A television company agreed to televise a trial and a séance. Regardless of the abusive letters, the phone calls and a break-in at their home. Lovatt persuades a reluctant Karen to risk everything with a séance on TV. Stone wants a professional illusionist and an escapologist on the show. He is claiming that they can produce the same paranormal phenomenon that fraudulent mediums use on gullible clients.
ISBN: 9781786978042
Type: Paperback
Pages: 260
Published: 7 May 2017
Price: $12.95

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