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As a spiritualist, I could have written an autobiography. However, I decided that some of the amazing things that have happened in my life would sound like fiction anyway. My story is a blend of actual experiences and fiction. The reader can decide what is possible according to their knowledge of the paranormal and their spiritual beliefs. because of my quest to try and understand my strange life of balancing the physical with fleeting paranormal happenings. I have sort information, mostly from the writings of famous mediums, and their guides. Their understanding and philosophy of the existence of consciousness throughout the universe. A spirit guide when asked. “Do you know more of God than you did on earth?” The Guide answered. “We know more of the operations of His love--more of the operations of that beneficent Power which controls and guides the worlds. We know of Him, but we know Him not; nor shall know, as you would seek to know, until we enter on the life of contemplation. He is known to us only by His act.”

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Karen Wilson, a famous spiritualist medium is accused of cheating. Items allegedly found in her cabinet during a séance, provoked a leading psychic newspaper to sue her under the Fraudulent Medium Act. Sceptic, Robert Stone, uses his website to denounce K....
ISBN: 9781786978042
Published: 7 May 2017