Fenchurch Form Seven

Fenchurch form seven is the story of five youngsters battling a comprehensive monstrosity, highlighting the woes a first century sows where pupils are stacked thirty to one. Here experiencing what a government displays, this novel looking at lives inside and outside of its steely domain. A school that'll shape you so let's get it right, though how can parents help if they haven't the facts. Here the ferocious start of seven years ahead where no prisoners are took, so pull out a finger and learn from us how to push them along by reading this book. No fictitious drama will I portray, for this is a true life show that's now underway. Fenchurch an enlightener for everyday children, where Claire and her friends make the pivotal transition from top of the juniors a stone's throw away to be crumpled bottom of the heap of a bog standard comprehensive which is set out to play. A school where schooling's explained and acting as a guide to a life in a big bad looming world. Watch as four friends are joined by an extra lonely one, due to those strangest of links called family ties, saving Brendan and his father so long lost at sea. Life isn't as easy for all, where Brendan faces Fenchurch along a solitary path except for the company of a small inner city woodland retreat that is Felldy right by his door. Brendan knows death though refuses him sway, a mother's soul fixed in his forest, a life outside where he truly feels home, while most today live firmly indoors. In Felldy we'll look at nature today and explore the bounty of God in this tiny display, somehow safe from the wanton destruction of man, where Brendan's a guardian an example us fellow men. Life in form seven is a dangerous place to roam and this book's is here to guide you safely home. How can we help if we don't know the rules, so read on with us, learning how Fenchurch ticks with a form teacher Mr. Cording who is geography. We'll explore how man's weight of numbers is damaging climate change a new demonic World War Three. In exploring this monster we'll realise this planet needs some loving fast, and it's down to you and I to simply help, before tomorrow dawns fast. Remember we've life outside school, and for Claire and her friends its Daringly swimming club where they pit bodies against a pool, a place friendships are born. These bonds further cemented by a role playing fantasy called Obsidan, searching for magic to spice this thing called life. The four on the trail of the demoness Shiah Kha, as they trek out the wild lands guide by the Scroll of Wurn. See how the party grows and is tested as they act out this drama inside of heads. As Claire living Shira with hocus-pocus to mind because magic still lives in those far distant times. No computer zombie game for their adventure is real, knowing the correct copper coinage for a tidy gold doubloon. Well come let's play by joining this book, for Fenchurch is ready with mystery afoot if only you dare.
ISBN: 9781786975348
Type: Paperback
Pages: 284
Published: 2 December 2016
Price: $12.95

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