For an Angel's Breath

FOR AN ANGEL’S BREATH By Michael John In 1968, Saigon and the surrounding jungles of South Vietnam were the deadliest place on Earth. For a young Australian Soldier, Mike Bennett, fear had no place in the hell that was war. On a secret mission, Bennett soon realises there is no choice. Find a lost mate, his lost love and maybe make the biggest pay day of them all – recover The Angel's Breath. Bennett, together with a small group of fearless, misfit soldiers and two CIA agents, venture where no sane men should ever dare walk, a deadly jungle controlled by a criminally insane North Vietnamese Army Officer. Just how much will Bennett and his team have to sacrifice in order to succeed in the mission? He soon learns, no risk is too great, when the lives of the people around him are on the line. In fact, he is prepared to go to hell and back in the jungle of death for mateship, love and For An Angel's Breath.
ISBN: 9781839451041
Type: Paperback
Pages: 338
Published: 5 December 2019
Price: $10.07

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