Gabrielle's Angel

One winter morning, Gabrielle dashes for the school bus. The family have slept in and she is late. As she scrambles up the steps of the bus she sees only the strange bus driver. It isn't until she turns around that she notices the bus is empty. Where are all her friends from the village and where is Sam the usual driver? These are questions she doesn't get an explanation for. Before long, when the driver fails to pick up any more children and travels away from her school and the village of Summerhill, she becomes very afraid. Where is this strange man taking her and why? Gabrielle faces a series of hopes and disappointments as she strives to find a way to escape and return to her Mum and Dad. But - is she alone during her trauma and what is the weird feeling she keeps experiencing? Is someone watching over her or adding further panic to her ordeal. Will she ever see her parents or friends again?
ISBN: 9781784079062
Type: Paperback
Pages: 78
Published: 22 July 2014
Price: $9.29

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