Gloriously Human

Gloriously Human is a 'go to' book for the third decade of the 21st century. It is an uplifting call to action to each and every one of us to raise our individual and collective awareness and consciousness : an invitation to move away from a way of living that is unsustainable and unhealthy for all life, including humanity, and yes that does include you and me too. Gloriously Human's inspirational ethos is that when we reconnect to the small inner voice that always calls us home, we can live a truly authentic life. This book is filled with wisdom and insights gleaned by consciously living a spiritual life, whilst for decades living and working within the mainstream individualistic and secular view of the world. Gloriously Human is heartening in articulating what it means to be truly human in the 21st century. Its workbook format provides us with ample space to reconnect to our own internal wisdom with a sense of inner peace and calm, harnessing the seeds of embedded knowledge as catalysts that we can apply to our own daily lives. At its core, Gloriously Human is encouraging us to move towards being a conscious active participant in creating healthy, congruent thoughts and confident decisions that provide clarity of purpose to our own daily actions, which will in part, replenish and heal our fractured world ...
ISBN: 9781839454776
Type: Paperback
Pages: 398
Published: 2 October 2020
Price: $22.25

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