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Dee believes that we are increasingly living our lives entangled within 24/7 market-based societies. Our home and work environments have become bastions of information and distraction overload. Where our five senses are incessantly bombarded by a stress-producing human-made ecosystem ; one that drowns out an inner spiritual life, or denies its very existence. She also passionately believes that the ethos and values of the Celtic, Native American and Taoist traditions remain pertinently valid and increasingly more relevant in today's globalised but disparate societies. These traditions teach us how to create a space for inward connection, a 'time-out' from externally-focussed living, so we can harness our own intrinsic values and provide clarity of purpose to our daily actions. As part of her own ‘slow down’ life change, Dee left a long and successful career in UK central government when she recognised that she could no longer be an agent of positive sustainable change. Dee now lives in coastal Wales, with her partner and furry friends. She now focuses on listening to nature's rhythms and continues her study of these ancient traditions. Dee shows us the true nature of relationships, and the continuing impact of the misaligned, but dominant 21st century human-centred narrative, whose elemental dynamics is fracturing all of our relationships. Our relationship with ... ourselves, other human beings, our multi-species planetary family, our planetary home and Great Spirit.

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Words to remind us that love and hope are the central things we need to go on. A joy to savour, to look and look again at a way of living, or expression, lost or mislaid by many of us.
ISBN: 9781788761123
Published: 16 November 2017
Gloriously Human is a 'go to' book for the third decade of the 21st century. It is an uplifting call to action to each and every one of us to raise our individual and collective awareness and consciousness : an invitation to move away from a way of living....
ISBN: 9781839454776
Published: 2 October 2020
Powerful, moving and thought provoking verse, beautifully nudge us to see all aspects of the world around us in more depth ; chronicling what it truly means to live in our 21st century world. With inspirational poems advocating more compassionate practice....
ISBN: 9781788765688
Published: 25 October 2018