How's That!

This is a newly-revised version of a book first published in paperback in 1998, which was very popular but went out of print some years ago when the original publishers ceased trading. It has recently been re-published as an e-book, and after it reached the number one spot for cricket books in Amazon's Kindle Store in both July and August 2013, the author decided to publish it again as a paperback. It is a book which explains the game of cricket in a way that isn't over-complicated, takes nothing for granted, doesn't over-simplify unduly and - which is very important - doesn't treat its subject in such a facetious manner as to defeat the whole object. It doesn't pretend cricket isn't a complex game, but it does make sure that you pick up all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle in the proper order so that everything makes sense right from the start, with every new piece added clearly helping to build a bigger picture and helping you to enjoy the game even more. It is enhanced by lively and charming cartoons drawn by Tim Parker.
ISBN: 9781782999034
Type: Paperback
Pages: 60
Published: 9 September 2013
Price: $6.49

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