Hyde's Corner - Book II...

Selmer Burks mourns the loss of his only child. On the drive home from the hospital, the sheriff plots murder, but a roadside turnout provides redemption. Burks is saved from making a disastrous mistake by reining in his murderous intentions. Burks goes on to raise his dead daughter's baby and as the years go by learns to love the boy with a fierce loyalty. Tom grows tall and strong. Burks rules his domain as before, with a hard knuckled fist. Thomas Silas Burks develops a crush on Sara Tassel as a young man. Burks, after killing a railroad bum, retreats to the brothel. In her domain, Sara Tassel makes plans to seduce Burks, which she carries out as only a woman in love can do. The iron rule of Sheriff Selmer Burks begins to self-destruct as his illicit affair continues with Sara, the daughter of his best friend. The sheriff kills Junior Porter in self-defense, and after the fight, Burks, glad to have survived, tells Tom he and Sara are in love. Tom is humiliated, hurt, and disgusted. Will he agree to talk it out and back Selmer Burks in the Porter blood bath about to begin?
ISBN: 9781786111112
Type: Paperback
Pages: 301
Published: 29 August 2015
Price: $12.95

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