Illthdar: Into the North

Into the North: a tale of two peaks, two teams and two tragedies. In an effort to close the fissure, a hideous gaping maw spewing mana wasted demons and fae onto Illthdar's shores, venin, Lerki of Goldbirch has been dispatched to the Northern Mountains to collect deadly boreal poison. His team consists of Tundra, a cryomancer, Nyima, an ice elemental, and Zercey, a part-venin. With surprise attacks, sub-zero temperatures and relationship pitfalls, Lerki will need more than the luck from his tree for everyone to make it there and back in one piece. Meanwhile, Lerki's other teammate, Date Toshiiro, has been "invited" back to his estranged home on Mt Takao. At the behest of his father, Lord Naigubu, and brother, Nobumasa, he goes, taking the remainder of his team, Seth Storm-Bringer and Inari, and from Zercey and Nyima's team: Vyxen Allaway, Scyanatha Dubhgeleach and Sozo Abaddon. Date will have to navigate political intrigue, family backstabbing and a heartbreaking history if he and his friends wish to make it off the mountain.
ISBN: 9781803025490
Type: Paperback
Pages: 340
Published: 22 June 2022
Price: $12.95

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